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Victor Hmel was born in 1948 in the Kaliningrad region. He graduated from Kuban State University in 1973 and the courses of cameramen in 1971 (2 years). Now he teaches in the Krasnodar State University of Culture (Department of design, photo design specialization)..

Sukhoveeva Elena was born in 1961 in Krasnodar. She graduated from Krasnodar Art College in 1980 and Krasnodar Art and Industry Academy in 2004. The designer of books.

Working together since 1998.

Live and work in Krasnodar.

In 2009, in the group entered Sergei Lutsenko.

Group exhibitions:

2013 – KHLEB. The chronicles of Krasnodar and its surroundings, Rizzordi Loft, St.-Petersburg
2013 – Krasnodar: Transforming realit, Grinberg Gallery
2012 – “Icons” Perm. The project “Golden Autumn”
2012 – Festival “Live Perm” – Perm. The project “Landscape After Battle”
2012 – “Icons” Krasnodar. Showroom. The project “Golden Autumn”
2011 – “A man as the measure of things.” Krasnodar. Kovalenko Museum. The project “Soviet Park”
2011 – Festival “Live Perm.” Perm. The project “Golden Autumn”
2010 – International exhibition in Germany. The project “Golden Autumn”
2010 – Biennale of Contemporary Art in Rostov-on-Don. Projects: “Golden Autumn”, “Russian LITERRAtura”, “Landscape After Battle”
2009 – 1st Museum Photo Biennale. St. Petersburg
2009 – IX International Biennale of Contemporary Art “Dialogues.” St. Petersburg. “Gold is for the people.” The project “Golden Autumn”
2008 – Moscow International Biennale of Photography. The project “Golden Autumn”
2007 – St. Petersburg. Gallery “Squirrel @ Spit.” The project “Time and place”
2007 – Sibiu. Romania. Participation in the project Marina Koldobskaya “The time and place.” (“Lady Boss. South of Russia”, “Anapa-2005”)
2007 – St. Petersburg. Union of Photographers of Russia. “Eros. Faces of Time “1st Prize. The project “Notes on the floor”
2006 – Moscow International Biennale of Photography. The project “Lady Boss. South of Russia”
2004 – St. Petersburg. Gallery “NOMI” in the project “Hotel 15 stars” – the project “Semiotic travel”
2004 – Nizhny Novgorod. Russian exhibition of photographers. The project “Descendants Letatlin”
2004 – Moscow. Festival of intimate photographs. Gallery “Reflex”. The project «SOMATIP – part 2″
2003 – The International Siberian Biennale. The project «SOMATIP»
2003 – 4th International Moscow Photo Biennale. The project “Kids” – the gallery “A-3”
2002 – 3rd International Moscow Photo Biennale. The project «SOMATIP» – Exhibition Hall Grand Arena
2001 – Exhibition in the gallery of the Russian Foto Union. Moscow. The project “Portrait of the material”
2001 – Art photo of Russia. Moscow. The project “Portrait of the material”
1999 – Moscow. International exhibition “Contemporary Art ” FOKOM ” in the exhibition hall “New Manege”. The project “Black and White”

Solo exhibitions:

2012 – Festival “PhotoVisa” – Krasnodar. The project “Lady Boss. South of Russia”
2010 – «III International Festival of Photography Photovisa». Krasnodar. The gallery “7 paintings”, the project « Desire to be black »
2010 – Freud Museum. St. Petersburg. The project “Through our silent beast gazes calmly”
2009 – Personal exhibition in gallery “Square” of St. Petersburg. The project “Kids”
2006 – The gallery “7 pictures” Krasnodar. The project “SOMATIP”
2005 – St. Petersburg. The gallery “Square”, the project “Descendants Letatlin”
2004 – St. Petersburg. Baltic photomarathon. The gallery Victor Mazin at the Museum of Dreams of Freud. The project “SAMOTIP”
2003 – St. Petersburg. “Gallery 21.” The project “SOMATIP”

The works are in the collections of the Moscow House of Photography, the Russian Museum and private collections in St. Petersburg, Vienna, Basel.

Publications in journals: “NoMI», «Le», «Time Out», «Art», «Expert», «Photografia» (Poland), “L’INSENSE” (France)