10.04.2013  |  Exhibitions ocsadmin

Krasnodar: Transforming Reality

The new group exhibition at the Grinberg Gallery presents works by Krasnodar photographers: Leo Bugaev, Sergey Lutsenko, Elena Saenko, Hmeli-Suneli group (Elena Suhoveeva, Viktor Hmel, Sergey Lutsenko).

Hmeli-Suneli, Sayenko and Bugayev are busy transforming the world around them. In their works they use plastic debris, peeled-off plaster and light. They work with the environment, interiorizing and transforming it into something poetic and private. They are similar to kids growing up in the dumps, simply with no other toys to play but garbage. Their art emphasizes existence in the outskirts of the consumerist society. These works also contain social criticism, but their vitality is more important and interesting.