23.04.2015  |  Exhibitions ocsadmin

New Drawings

23 April at 19:00, the exhibition “New drawings” by Denis Salautin opens at the Peresvetov gallery in the framework of the project “Paper alone”.

The exhibition will feature 30 graphic works of artist, which are united by the time of creation (the last calendar year), and technique. Denis Salautin resorts to visual experiment and considers drawing as a method of saving and optimization of expressive means.

Denis Salautin is a Moscow artist. He graduated from Art College memory of 1905. He belongs to the psychedelic circle of Moscow Conceptualism of “third wave”. Member of the “Fenso.” The group was created in 1993 and inspired by conceptual ideas of «Collective actions”, “Medical Hermeneutics”. Since 1997, Denis Salautin works together with Dmitry Fain.

Valery Ledenjov: “Surreal, psychedelic essences, which Salautin depicts, vary from vaguely familiar to deliberately fantastic and “unnatural “. Artist does not hide artistic art prototypes and paradigms gave them rise. Then sliding between layers of cultural consciousness, from folklore and historical allusions to the pure, almost pathological objectivity is carried out with an enviable simplicity.”

The “Paper alone” is not limited by works created exclusively on paper. Here, “paper” is the word traditionally corresponding with drawing, painting. And the main emphasis is on the drawing of contemporary artists.

We decided not to follow a chronological order, focusing on works that are creating “here and now”. In reality, the classic art in process is fairer, more amusing and flexible, able to keep the audience on their toes; and we hope that this project will give the necessary impetus to investigation and understanding of the national drawing in professional circles and would be interesting to the audience, partly recovering the lost tradition of regular exhibitions of graphic artists that existed in Soviet times.

The project is planned for several years. This year will feature paintings by artists of different generations: Nikita Alekseev, Salauting Denis, Boris Matrosov, Svetlana Shuvaeva and Ilya Dolgov.

Not by chance, these exhibitions are held by Peresvetov gallery. It is here at the turn of 1980-90, the СLAVA avant-garde club had its first exhibitions, which became the first public exhibitions of the independent art of that period.