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Pavel Otdelnov

Pavel Otdelnov was born in 1979 in the Dzerzhinskoe village near Nizhny Novgorod. He graduated from the Nizhegorodskoe Art College (Nizhny Novgorod) and the painting department at the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow. In 2014-2014 he studied at the Institute of Contemporary Art. He is a member of the Moscow Artists Union since 2006.
Pavel Otdelnov has participated in art shows in Russia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Poland. The artist’s works are held by private collectors in Russia and other countries, as well as in the collections of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, Gorbachev Foundation, Moscow Union of Artists and Russian regional museums. He was awarded medals by the Russian Academy of Fine Arts and Moscow Union of Artists, as well as the LomonosovArt-2013 prize


Personal exhibitons:

2012 – “Urban Lights, openstudio, Cite des Arts, Paris, France
2012 – “Neon Landscape”, Art.ru agency, Moscow
2012 – “Otra Cotidianidad”, Centro Ruso, Madrid, Spain
2011 – “Casa de los Picos”, Segovia, Spain
2006 – “The Way Home”, Central Exhibition Hall, Nizhny Novgorod
2005 – “Canvas. Time. Space”, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dzerzhinsk
2001 – “Rustico di Via Toni Gartin”, Albarella (Veneto), Italy

Group exhibitions:

2014 – “Landscape with Disappearance”, Voronezhsky Center for Modern Art, Voronezh
2013 – “Far-Away Distances”, Center for Creative Industries (Cci) Fabrika, Moscow
2013 – Art Salon-2013, “He Who Is to Grow Will Understand”, Central House of Artists, Moscow
2013 – “Paris Never Ends”, Union of Russian Artists, 37 Pokrovka, Moscow
2013 – “Strabag Art Award”, Vienna, Austria
2013 – “Stanzas”, Erarta gallery, St.Petersburg
2013 – “First Quarter”, Kovcheg gallery, Moscow
2012 – “Kombinat. Retrospective” (together with Egor Plotnikov), Heritage gallery, Moscow
2012 – “Overcoming Space”, Kuznetsky Most 11, Moscow
2012 – Art Salon-2012, “Directions” project, Central House of Artists, Moscow
2011 – “Distortions. Lands”, Art.ru agency’s gallery, Moscow
2011 – “Forms of Life. Return to Reality”, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
2011 – “Russian Metaphysics. Italian Materiality. Start of the New Century”, Russian Academy of Fine Arts, Moscow
2011 – “Parallel Process”, Kuznetsky Most 11, Moscow
2011 – Art.Fair, international art fair (stand of the Kovcheg gallery), Cologne, Germany
2010 – “Four Elements”, Vyatsky Art Museum, Kirov
2010 – “Sanatorium of Arts”, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
2010 – “Always the Same Art”, M’ ars, center of contemporary art, Moscow
2010 – First Russian-Korean Exhibition, Central House of Artists, Mosocw
2010 – “Young Moscow”, Maly Manege, St.Petersburg
2010 – “On the Contrary”, Winzavod, Moscow
2010 – Art.Fair, international art fair (stand of the Kovcheg gallery), Cologne, Germany
2010 – “Dialog. Pavel Nikonov and Young Artists”, Russian Academy of Fine Arts, Moscow
2009 – “From Dusk till Dawn”, Kovcheg gallery, Moscow
2009 – “Personal Acquaintance”, a parallel program at the 3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Kovcheg gallery, Moscow
2008 – 2nd international arts festival “Traditions and Modernity”, Manege Exhibition Hall, Moscow
2006 – “Non-Actual Art”, Kuznetsky Most 20, Moscow
2006 – “Present Tense”, Kovcheg gallery
2003 – “Continuation of the Traditions. The Artists from the Sixties and Their Students”, Central House of Artists, Moscow
2003 – “Heirs to the Great Art”, Russian Academy of Fine Arts, Moscow
2001 – International exhibition to assist children with leukemia, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow
1997 – “International Plener Malarzy”, Sławków, Poland