17.03.2015  |  Exhibitions ocsadmin

Platonic Love. Vegetables – Fruits

Peresvetov gallery and XL PROJECTS present the project “Paper alone”, which opens by an exhibition of Nikita Alekseev “Platonic love. Vegetables – Fruits”.

The exhibition “Platonic love. Vegetables – Fruits” presents graphics paired “portraits” of fruits and vegetables, which are found side by side with the real products, prototypes.

Professor Giovanni Cucci, Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome: “The project of Nikita Alekseev this is another variation on the theme of crushing and reunification. As is well known, Plato proposed a theory according to which all things and thoughts have a prototype –“Eidos”. Vicious development of the world interprets as an alienation of things and thoughts from eidos, their division into halves and the following fractional series and this collapse gives rise to passion of fragmented miserable thoughts and things to rejoin in the integrity of eidos. This is the “platonic love”.